Worship & Worship
The Music Ministry at ENBC is creative, fun and for an audience of one. We share in Music at our church for the
One who is the Great I Am, our Heavenly Father. During services we sing familiar songs as well
as today’s songs. We also share musical programs in creative avenues throughout the year.
Our Patriotic program is a Flag program that does a light show while the choir stands in it and sings.
Our annual Christmas Tree program is shared during the holiday season. Our tree has thousands of lights that
 also do a light show what matches the songs the choirs sings.  
Our Living Pictures is our Easter program where we share the story of Christ through drama
and song in  a unique way.  During our Sunday worship service, we have a 35 plus dedicated choir along with a guitarist,
drummer, bass player, praise ensemble and other instrumentalists.
We have a place for all who have a song to sing or play.
JUly 4th Flag Program and Fireworks

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